I had always loved Siamese Cats but never had one until my sister who was living in Charleston, South Carolina, found one in a dumpster; some kids had dumped it and closed the lid. She raised Akita's and they did not like cats, so she begged me to take the cat back to Ohio with me. Unfortunately I did not know the cat was pregnant until she delivered 7 kittens one evening. That was back in the early 80's and "I've Come A Long Way Baby" . My friend and I found homes for the cat and kittens. Yes that was the beginning of what was to come. My career transferred me to the Greenville SC area in 1983. I love the area, close to the Beach and to the Mountains.

After my original cat, Pywackette died, there was a extreme void in my heart and it was a perfect opportunity to start my venture. In the early 90's that was the beginning of fulfilling my desires. Oscar & Olivia were my first Siamese, and my journey began (photos on the home page).... Yes, Oscar started it all. I did not breed Olivia due to her being the sister, but knew I wanted 2 cats to keep each other company. So off to the vet to spay Olivia and Oscar stayed in tact. He was the best male cat because he never sprayed, and I could hold him upside down like a baby and he just loved it. Oscar was the master of the house he also loved my bird Baby, because he would not taunt or harm her. Olivia, on the other hand, was another story! I have photos of Oscar laying on the floor with Baby standing next to him. So cute. In 1998 I got Ophelia decided to start breeding ..... Oscar and Ophelia gave me my first precious litter. My Oscar lived to be 14 and Olivia was 16 when they passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Otis and Omar are Oscar's boys by Ophelia & Odessa, both retired females. Oscar's sturdy body type and features were so handsome, so I knew I needed to carry on his line. Otis is the master of the house now, but will turn it over to Omar soon. Otis is very caring with the kittens and laid back. You can call him just like a dog and he comes running. Oceanna Blue, Olive Oil and Orion come from Denise at B & D Siamese in Ohio. She is my friend and mentor, and assists me in my journey; and she has excellent looking cats that make beautiful kittens. Thank you Denise, for loving the breed as I do.

I breed and raise my kittens under foot. They are born in a birthing box in my bedroom and stay there until we feel it is time to move them. When they are born I am very hands on so they know my touch. A lot of loving, cuddling and sleeping with me seems to bring out the loving personality in each kitten. There is sometimes a shy one but they still have that loving personality when they get used to their new home. Kittens stay with me for 12 weeks after they have been Vet checked and received their first shots, then they are ready to go. I love my kittens beyond belief. I put a lot of love into each cat and kitten in my home, in order to ready them for their new forever home. I did miss my calling, and should have been a mother with lots of children. It is always hard to allow my kittens to leave me and I always walk them to the car and give them an extra kiss or two, with promises from their new mommies and daddies to send photos and updates.


Cindy & her dad, from Ohio




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